My Approach


The synergy of psychotherapy and meditation is a powerful path that I would like to share. In my experience, meditation and psychotherapy inform each other very effectively. During meditation, unresolved psychological issues often arise from the unconscious mind and become conscious. These root issues -- which impact our thoughts, feelings, and actions -- can then be explored and processed in therapy.

Our mind can be our greatest friend, as well as our worst enemy. Our state of mind determines how we see the world, ourselves and others. And where we place our attention in each moment affects the quality of our life.

But the default mode in the brain is the automatic, self-centered narrative that plays over and over inside our minds. It’s easy to mistake these running commentaries for reality, and to lose contact with the present, and with ourselves. Feelings of unease are generated by not being mindful in the moment, as we get lost in a swirl of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about ourselves.

These patterns can be changed through therapy and meditation, which have been shown to actually develop new pathways in the brain. By overcoming conditioned habits of thought and feeling, we can improve our mood and our relationships, and restore our sense of well-being and peace of mind. As we work toward becoming the masters of our own attention, we can literally transform our consciousness and our lives.